2021 IBM PhD Fel­low­ship Award Program

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Nom­i­na­tions for the 2021 IBM PhD Fel­low­ship Award pro­gram will be accepted until Octo­ber 23, 2020.

About the program

The IBM PhD Fel­low­ship Award pro­gram advances col­lab­o­ra­tion by rec­og­niz­ing and sup­port­ing excep­tional PhD stu­dents who want to make their mark in promis­ing and dis­rup­tive technologies


Stu­dents must be nom­i­nated by a doc­toral fac­ulty mem­ber and must be enrolled as a full-​time stu­dent in an aca­d­e­mic PhD pro­gram. In addi­tion, the stu­dent should have three aca­d­e­mic years remain­ing at the time of nom­i­na­tion to ben­e­fit the most. The pro­gram seeks to increase the num­ber of under-​represented minor­ity stu­dents in the ref­er­enced sci­ence top­ics of inter­est by encour­ag­ing a diverse appli­cant pool.

For more infor­ma­tion, and to nom­i­nate can­di­dates, visit:


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